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Civil Engineering

Year of Establishment : 1980
Duration of Program : 3 Years
Intake : 60+6 (TFWS)+ 60 (Second Shift)
Programme Offered : Diploma in Civil Engineering

Name Designation
Prof. S.R. Deshmukh Head of Department (IInd Shift)
Prof. S. M. Swar Lecturer
Prof. S. D. Sonawane Lecturer
Prof. S. P. Patil Lecturer
Prof. R. K. Baviskar Lecturer
Prof. R.B. Tadge Lecturer
Dr. N.L. Patil Lecturer
Dr. S.S. Pathak Lecturer
Prof. S.P. Dikshit Lecturer
Prof. P.R. Saraf Lecturer
Prof. S.N. Misal Lecturer
Prof. G.G. Wankhede Lecturer
Mr. K. K. Jadhav Technical Lab. Assistant
Mr. R. A. Walzade Technical Lab. Assistant
Mr. K. N. Jadhav Curator
Mr. B. L. Kale Hamal
Mrs. S.R. Sonawane Hamal

  • Hydraulics Laboratory.
  • Survey Laboratory.
  • Model Room.
  • Computer Laboratory.
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation Laboratory.

  • Micro Optical Theodolite.
  • Electronic Distance Meter.
  • Electronic Total Station.
  • Discharges Through Venturimeter & Orifice meter.
  • Bernoulli’s theorem Discharge over notch.
  • Orifice & Mouth pieces.
  • Computers, Scanner, Handy cam, Digital Copier, Laptop, LCD Projector.

  • Completion of Workshop Extension Building of Estimated cost of Rs 1,87,75,430.
  • Completion of Girls Hostel First Floor Extension Building of 56 No of Estimated Cost of Rs. 1,39,288,00
  • New proposal for Gymkhana and Canteen Building, extension of Boys and Girls Hostel Building, Trainee Hostel, Parking and landscaping.
  • Water Audit programme
    Students of third year participated in Water Audit programme of Nasik Municipal Corporation
  • Property survey of Nasik Municipal Corporation
    Students of Civil Engineering Assistant Training course participated in property survey of Nasik Municipal Corporation.
  • Civil Engineering Assistant Training Programme Ninth Batch Completed on 24-9-2015 .
  • Civil Engineering Assistant Training Programme Tenth Batch Started on 26-9-2015.
  • Technical Audit of Civil Engineering Structures constructed for Kumbhmela at Trimbakeshwar as well as Civil Engineering Structures constructed by most of the Corporations in Nasik District